Simulator Training

Driving simulators provide a safe, effective way to train driving skills.  Whether the trainee is a teen getting ready to drive for the first time or an experienced driver who needs practice in critical safe driving maneuvers, our simulator can help.  As an educational tool, simulators have proven to be far more effective than traditional classroom instruction in terms of helping students retain knowledge.

For those who need a little help with the basics, our simulator can help you master safe driving techniques including lane position, speed management and steering.  Simulators help drivers develop the “do”, not just the “know” – when facing a dangerous situation on the road, what drivers do is more important than what they know. Simulators help build brain muscle memory, which makes safe driving seem instinctive in experienced drivers.

Night Driving In the Driver Training Services Simulator

We can also train in more advanced techniques, including night driving and driving in inclement weather, including rain and snowy roads.  Simulators expose drivers to hypothetical encounters which would be far too dangerous to attempt in a vehicle on the road.  These encounters, modeled on real-life situations, build drivers’ skills and confidence.  Training can include:

  • Basic Vehicle Control
  • Safety Threat Awareness and Risk Assessment
  • Unpredictable Traffic
  • Pedestrians and Bicyclists
  • Deer
  • Night Driving
  • Bad Weather (Wet Roads, Snow, Fog and Ice)
  • Manual Transmission

Simulator training is available in either 1-hour sessions (purchased individually or as part of our Select Package) or in our 5-hour “Smart Start” Package.  Visit our Services page for enrollment options.

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