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Driving Simulator Training

Simulator training assists drivers in developing the “do”, not just the “know”. As new drivers face dangerous situations on the road, it is important they not only know what to do, but that they do what is necessary as they encounter driving hazards. Research indicates that simulator training assists in the development of brain “muscle memory”, resulting in safer, swifter responses by the driver.

  • Experience the particular challenges of night driving, including reduced visibility and glare, in the simulator first to better prepare yourself for the real thing
  • Innovative vehicle physics modeling provides accurate responses to adverse weather conditions, including rain and snow
  • Our simulators can help build safety threat awareness in drivers by exposing them to a variety of unpredictable hazards, including deer and pedestrians in the safety of our office
  • The simulator can also be used for Bad Weather Driving Training, Safety Threat Awareness Training, or Manual Transmission Training

Cost: $105/hour.

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